World Wide Art Books -
Front Cover Artist 2021
Front Cover & 2 Pg. Feature (April 2021)

Destig Magazine -

Top Artists of the Year 2019-

7 Pg. Feature and Interview  (July 2019)

Art Reveal Magazine - 45th Publication -

6 Pg. Feature and Interview  (March 2019)

Art Qol Magazine

Juliet Hillbrand Energizes Dreams and Heartbeats

Interview  (May 2020)

Me - Audrey style in the stars 2020 fav.
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Creativ Paper Magazine - 16th Issue -

6 Pg. Feature  (Nov 2019)

Studio Visit Magazine - 45th Volume

2 Pg. Spread (Feb 2020)

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Cover Printed Studio Visit.png

Art Qol Artist Introduction of Juliet 

October 2019

Art Qol Feature - Juliet Hillbrand 2019.

Artistic Decor: 

Visualize these colors in your home. 

Where would you hang them?