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World Wide Art Books -
Front Cover Artist 2021
Front Cover & 2 Pg. Feature (April 2021)

Destig Magazine -

Top Artists of the Year 2019-

7 Pg. Feature and Interview  (July 2019)

Art Reveal Magazine - 45th Publication -

6 Pg. Feature and Interview  (March 2019)

Art Qol Magazine

Juliet Hillbrand Energizes Dreams and Heartbeats

Interview  (May 2020)

Me - Audrey style in the stars 2020 fav.
Art Qol Interview April 2020.docx
Art Qol Interview pg 2.png

Canvas Rebel Interview

March 2023

Canvas Rebel Interview, Meet Juliet Hillbrand March 2023.png

Creativ Paper Magazine - 16th Issue -

6 Pg. Feature  (Nov 2019)

Studio Visit Magazine - 45th Volume

2 Pg. Spread (Feb 2020)

Cover Printed Studio Visit 2.png
Cover Printed Studio Visit.png

Art Qol Artist Introduction of Juliet 

October 2019

Art Qol Feature - Juliet Hillbrand 2019.

Artistic Decor: 

Visualize these colors in your home. 

Where would you hang them?